Prof. Rob Roggema

Prof. Rob Roggema


Rob Roggema

Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments

in the UTS School of Architecture.



Prof. Rob Roggema Bio


Prof. dr. ir. Rob Roggema is Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments in the UTS School of Architecture. He is a Landscape Architect and an internationally renowned design-expert on sustainable urbanism, climate adaptation, energy landscapes and urban agriculture. He has previously held positions at universities in the Netherlands and Australia, State and Municipal governments and design consultancies. Rob developed the Swarm Planning concept, a dynamic way of planning the city for future adaptation to climate change impacts.

Rob leads the Urban Research Network at UTS and focuses in his research on resilient and smart urbanism. He is also leading the Sydney Urban_Institute in Sydney, which will research and implement intelligent solutions for current urban problems.

Recent design-concepts Rob has developed include Double Defence, a proposal of a second row of barrier island to protect the coast for storm surges in times of climate change; A Floodable Eemsdelta for a region under threat of flooding, Bushfire Resilient Bendigo, a method of anticipating bushfires by creating a protective shield and slowly moving away the town; FoodRoofRio, a rooftop garden with an aquaponic system that provides food for the whole family in Cantagalo favela in Rio de Janeiro; and the Sydney Barrier Reef, a refuge for the Great Barrier Reef as it is bleaching away, and extra protection barrier for Sydney real estate against future storms and cyclones.

Rob has designed and led over 30 design charrettes around the world, involving communities, academics, governments and industries in the design process. He has written three books on climate adaptation and design, four on Urban Agriculture, and one each about design charrettes, Rio’s FoodRoofs and Design for Recovery in Japan.

Amongst his keynote addresses are speeches in Melbourne, Sydney, Delft, Tokyo, Shanghai, Doha, Kuwait City, Amsterdam, Delhi and San Francisco.