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The SUC Institute The Sustainable Urban and Community Development Institute (SUC Institute) is the very first international research institution with focus on researching evaluation criteria and solutions of SDG11 under the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is committed to providing technical support, monitoring assessment as well as establishing a global partnership platform for the implementation of SDGs at the local level in developing countries. Directly initiated and supported by the UNEP, SUC Institute was registered to be established subsequently in Hong Kong and Beijing China in 2015. Led by Sha Zukang, the former UN Under-Secretary-General& Secretary General of UN Summit on Sustainable Development (the Rio+20 Summit), more than 100 experts and renowned figures from over 20 countries have joined in the Institute. Since 2015, the Guidelines for Sustainable Cities and Communities (SUC Guidelines) has been underdeveloped jointly by SUC Institute and UNEP based on the SDG11, which has been first applied by the selected cities and projects for pilot building in China. This set of Guidelines is expected to be finalized in December 2018 and be published as an official UN document. Dozens of organizations including UN-Habitat and the UN Office for Sustainable Development all have been involved in the preparation of the Guidelines.

As an important event of the First International Conference on Sustainability/EBQL, we warmly welcome all participants as well as cities, projects and sustainable technology and solution applicants from all over the world to participate in the “International Sustainable Challenge for Liveable Communities/the SusCom Challenge”. The SusCom Challenge is an international forum and a platform for award competition focusing on the sector of sustainable cities and communities. It aims to identify best practices of local environmental management and share practices of cities and communities in building livable cities and promoting sustainable development. The goal of the SusCom Challenge is advancing implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, in particular, the SDG11 and the New Urban Agenda in cities and communities around the world, with the further objective of improving the quality of life of individual citizens. The 2018 SusCom Challenge will be held during 13-15 December in Cairo Egypt. A large number of guests will attend the SusCom Forum as well as participate in SusCom Awards competition event, including Mr. Sha Zukang, the former UN Under-Secretary-General as well as a number of senior representatives from UN agencies and the Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region & Europe/CEDARE, etc.

The 5th “SUC International Forum on Sustainable Cities and Communities” and the Finals of the 18th “International Awards For Liveable Communities on Sustainability” will be officially regarded as the benchmark forum and awards competition event for SusCom Challenge. Participation in the Awards and Forum further improves the international profile of cities, communities, and projects and gives the opportunity to learn from the best practices and knowledge of other cities and communities in the areas of local environmental management and SDG implementation.


Registration for attending the above forum will be closed on 31st November; for those who would like to participate in the above Awards, registration will be closed on 31st October and the deadline for submissions is 10th November

(the maximum words for submissions should be no more than 4500).


This year’s session of the SusCom Challenge is managed by International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange/IEREK in collaboration with the UN-Habitat Arab Regional Office. The SusCom Challenge is originally initiated by the Sustainable Urban and Community Development Institute/SUC Institute and the International Awards For Liveable Communities/LivCom, both of which are international NGOs headquartered respectively in Beijing and London. The SusCom Challenge is non-political, non-profit, embracing all nations and cultures. Participation is free of charge, no registration fee or judging fee required. The participants of the SusCom Challenge are required to register for the EBQL event.


About the forum

Under the theme of “Implementing SDG11”, this session of SusCom Forum will hold the “5th SUC International Forum on Sustainable Cities and Communities”, with representatives from UN agencies and various countries, especially the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and developing countries, sharing their ideas and best practices as well as launching the international partnership platform for SDG11. The Forum will also, for the first time, release and present the Evaluation Criteria, Management System and Technical Guidelines for Sustainable Cities and Communities/SUC Guidelines, the preparation of which was jointly launched by UNEP and SUC Institute in 2015. With the UN-Habitat, UN Office for Sustainable Development, International Energy Agency and dozens of other agencies joining in the development of SUC Guidelines in the past three years, it is the world’s first set of strategic guidance and international evaluation criteria under the framework of 2030 Agenda, focusing on the implementation of SDG11. Delegates of Chinese cities and communities will also demonstrate how they apply the Guidelines to the building of sustainable new urban areas and new communities as well as the progress of initial pilot building at the forum.

About the Awards

This year’s session of the SusCom Awards competition will officially organize the Finals of the18th International Awards For Liveable Communities on Sustainability (LivCom Sustainable Awards). The LivCom Awards were launched in 1997 and is the World’s only Awards Competition focusing on International Best Practice regarding the management of the local environment. The global Finals of LivCom have been successfully organized for 17 years, with more than 50 countries have been represented within the Awards. It is widely recognized by various cities and communities throughout the world as the “Green Oscar”. Since 2007 UNEP has collaborated with the LivCom Awards, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two Organisations.

This year’s session of the Finals of LivCom Sustainable Awards is a comprehensive upgrading of LivCom Awards and is fully incorporated into SusCom with focus on SDGs and brand new Judging Criteria developed. It includes 3 categories of awards: “Whole City Award”, “Project Award”, “Technology and Solution Award”. Participants may submit documents in view of the Judging methods and criteria below.

Please note: the LivCom Sustainable Awards are open to cities, projects, technologies, and solutions. The materials can be submitted by local authorities and those who manage the projects and technologies, or from other independent nominating agencies. This means that you can nominate the city, project, technology, and solution that you think it excellent and write submissions for them in accordance with the requirements. These nominators must be a third-party organization, not individuals. If you are a nominator, you should represent the city, project, technology, and solution in the Finals after the submissions have been approved by the jury. In this case, you must obtain entrustment from the nominee or participate in the Final presentations with its delegates.


Regarding Judging methods and criteria on the SusCom Awards- LivCom Sustainable Awards







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